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Comfort Instructions

Because the braces and adhesives we use are very durable, many patients do not experience any breakage during treatment. However, we want you to have the following information in case you should encounter any breakage situations. The following techniques will explain how to make yourself comfortable until you can come back into the office for a repair.

Some supplies you may find helpful: tweezers, long nose pliers, nail clippers and small wire cutters.

Tie (color) comes off. Put the tie back on with tweezers if possible. If you can’t get it to go back on, just leave it off.

Wire end is poking. Place wax on the area, turn the end in toward the gums or clip the end.

Loose bond/brace. If the brace is not causing discomfort, leave it attached to the wire. If you are uncomfortable, remove the tie holding the brace to the wire (use a toothpick or small scissors to cut the tie) and then lift the wire up and allow the brace to slide out. Place the brace in an envelope and bring it with you to your next appointment.

Loose band (metal ring around back molars). Chew on the opposite side and call the office for a repair appointment. If the band comes completely out, put it in an envelope and bring it to your next appointment.

In order to keep our schedule flowing well, please avoid “stopping in” to have a repair made. Call our office for an appointment. If a repair is made at home after business hours, please report it to our office the next business day. If an emergency occurs over the weekend which you cannot take care of yourself and you are experiencing discomfort, we have a pager system. To get instructions for the pager, call one of the following numbers:

Fort Wayne: 432-2147
Huntington: 356-7403
Pager number: 481-8555 (weekends only)