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Wearing Your New Separators

Wearing Your New Separators
One of the first steps in the application of braces is the placement of small latex spacers, or separators, between the back teeth. These spacers create room between the back teeth so that the special braces placed on them can be fit at the next appointment. These “bands” fit completely around the tooth and, therefore, require space adjacent to the teeth next to them.
Spacers produce tension between the teeth by moving them apart slightly to create small spaces. The tension they produce may cause the teeth to become sore several hours after they are placed. This soreness is normal and should not cause alarm. It usually passes within a day or two. To help relieve any soreness, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and take a pain reliever (Advil, Tylenol, etc) according to the directions on the bottle.
Be sure to stay away from any sticky or chewy foods including gum as these substances can cause your separators to come out. Also, continue to brush regularly-even the teeth with the separators-but do not floss between the teeth where the separators are located.
Check each day to see that none of the separators have fallen out. If you are missing one, please call our office so we can set up an appointment to have it replaced. If a separator happens to come out the day before your appointment, there should be enough room made to fit your bands so do not worry about calling.